Why it is good to play hard to get with men

When you look at it, the reason they play hard to get with men is because men feel that they are more desirable if it is hard to get it. There is nothing better than getting something after working hard to get it. This is the same with women. Men need to be able to feel superior even if they are not meaning to be so. It is attractive more of the time when a man is going to have to fight for what he wants.

The reason why it is good is because men love it. There have been studies on this and each proved that men are more attractive to women who they don’t know what they are feeling. The mystery is more arousing and this makes for a good time. It is a little frustrating if you are not getting any of the attention, but it may be the fact that you are not working hard enough. By letting him call first is going to allow him to initiate conversation. This is also going to allow you to see if the hard to get function is going to work for you.

Taking your time with the holding is a great way to show the man that you are playing hard to get. When a man knows what you are doing, it becomes a quest. You have to make sure that you are going to be able to have everything you need without really getting too much into the touchy feely stage of a relationship. You are going to be able to have the man where you want them and allow them to do all the work while you focus on getting everything under control. It is always important that you are going to be able to have what you want in a relationship. By making the other jealous, you are going to create conflict. It is best to avoid that.