Fun Paleo Picnic Ideas

There are many advantages to Paleo dieters, no matter if you are a fitness buff or enjoy the inherent weight loss benefits.  Add another perk to list: having an awesome list of foods that compliment a nice picnic outside.  You can pack a paleo picnic without anyone even knowing that it is paleo.  They’ll forget about those carbs as they munch on these lovely paleo picnic picks.

Favorite Lunch Items

Most paleo eaters don’t have any problems preparing for dinner or breakfast, we already eat protein, vegetables, and fruit for those meals, but what about lunch?  Our love for sandwiches is hard to give up, but don’t let discourage you if you’re just starting the paleo diet.  The loss of one minor way of preparing meals just means you have to replace it with another one.

The best way to put a kick back into your lunches is to get into the groove of repurposing those dinner leftovers.  Take that steak, chicken breast, or salmon from last night and throw it into a salad to breathe new life into your meals.

Keep in-mind there are no fruits that aren’t paleo-friendly, including our beloved avocado, which goes awesome with just about any salad.  Just keep an eye on the high-sugar fruits like bananas, pineapple, dates, and etc. if you aren’t highly active.

Snack Attack

Paleo dieting also allows for a new look on your snacking habits.  A trick to expanding your snacking capabilities is to start turning your veggies and fruits into finger food.  This can be accomplished by baking things like zucchini, sweet potatoes, squash, apples, or pears.  Also, don’t neglect the power of a great smoothie between meals to keep that metabolism going and refuel for a natural energy boost.

Nuts and Seeds

An awesome source of protein, vitamins, and nutrients; nuts and seeds are good anytime, anywhere.  You should buy these in bulk whenever you can, in their unadulterated forms, so that you can control how much salt or sugar you put into your diet.  Paleo newcomers should also avoid peanuts, as these aren’t actually nuts, they are legumes.  Stick with the variety packs and find a shredder that will allow you to slice your almonds into thin wafers and add them to your salads.

All seeds are good as well.  If you haven’t discovered the wonderful benefits of the Chia Seed, you should get them right now and try out some amazing chia seed smoothie combinations.