Why money is the biggest reason people divorce

Being married takes a lot of work. Not just by one person, but both. When you have financial problems, it can put a huge strain on a marriage, which is why money is why so many people get divorced. People always say that you marry for love, but in reality, it is for security. When that security is threatened, there are going to be emotions which are going to make their way into the marriage bed and cause a really big strain on the marriage.

Financial problems affect sexual problems. This is why for the most part, when people are having money issues, they are not having sex. Having sex relieves a lot of stress, but it is hard for you to get into the mood when you have too much stress in your life. That is why a lot of marriages end on this point, but the main culprit is the lack of money. You don’t have to be a genius to know that if the intimacy is gone, than so is the marriage. By keeping the intimacy alive in your marriage, you’re going to be able to stem off talks of divorce for a while.

Lack of money also triggers laziness. You are going to start to get used to living in filth and you and your spouse are going to argue over it. There is no chance that you are going to want to live in such a messy home, but when you are lazy, you’re not going to want to do anything. It is a miracle that you get up for work every morning. The main factor in all divorces is stress. Financial, sexual or physical stress is going to hurt you. This is all surrounded on the money that is coming in. When you have money, the stress is low and you are going to have a successful marriage.

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